Usually this is because you may not know there are tax allowances that you are entitled to. If you didn’t know about these allowances, there’s no way you could ask HMRC to put them in your tax code, so they gave you the wrong code. That meant you paid more tax than you needed to. The good news is it’s not too late to get your money back because HMRC lets us go back up to 4 years to claim any allowances you missed out on, or to correct any mistakes.

It is completely free to submit a claim. You are not required to make any upfront payment or provide bank details. If we are successful in recovering a refund for you, we will charge a fee of 35% (excluding VAT) of any refund we obtain for you. The VAT is payable on the fee element only.

Most claims are completed within 6-12 weeks. During busy times or for more complex claims, it may take up to 16 weeks.

You can claim back up to last 4 years from April 2015 tax rebates. This means you can currently claim for jobs you have had since April 2015. There are strict deadlines by which you must submit your claim.

Not usually. When you submit a claim with us, we will not only claim a rebate for prior years, but we’ll also apply to change your tax code to ensure that you receive the relevant tax reliefs directly in your pay. You will receive notification of your new tax code from HMRC. If your circumstances change, or you have irregular expenses that you wish to claim for, it may be necessary to submit a claim periodically. If you think this applies to you, please contact us for advice.

Payment's will be made via cheque, as a strict security measure we can only post cheques to the address on the application form.

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